Dongxin machinery: facing the changing industry reshuffle, it is a good policy to accurately evaluate the market operation environment
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In the novel coronavirus pneumonia million people united as one man, the help comes from all quarters. The aluminum processing enterprises are taking part in the battle with actual action. On the premise of strengthening the prevention and control of the epidemic situation, enterprises are working hard to organize a comprehensive resumption of production. As a commercial media focusing on the aluminum processing industry chain, aluminum plus network is very concerned about the impact of the epidemic on the industry and the relevant situation of enterprises returning to work and production. In particular, it launched the special planning of "enterprises in action under the epidemic situation" to build a voice and communication platform for enterprises. Aluminum plus network reporter has the honor to invite a special interview to Dongxin Machinery Co., Ltd. to share the anti epidemic situation and Thoughts on the future development of the industry.

Aluminum plus network: what are the specific aspects of your company affected by the epidemic?

Dongxin machinery: due to the outbreak of the epidemic, domestic and foreign customers are very concerned about the epidemic situation in China and keep a cautious wait-and-see attitude. The impact is inevitable, such as the difficulty of employees from other provinces to return to Guangdong, the delay of returning to work, the lack of productivity, and capital problems.

Aluminum plus network: what do you think of the government's support policy?

Dongxin machinery: as far as Foshan Nanhai is concerned, the Nanhai District government, in its meeting to promote the resumption of work and production of enterprises, stressed the linkage of multiple measures from "heart", "people", "material", "money" and "chain" to help enterprises solve difficulties; and issued "15 articles" for stabilizing enterprises, which is undoubtedly a warm current for enterprises to ease difficulties. It is expected that these policies can be implemented quickly, simplify the declaration process, and accurately solve the enterprise pain points. In the face of the impact of the epidemic on the domestic economy, how to evaluate the business environment of the market is the fundamental of the enterprise, and it is a high difficult challenge for the enterprise to make decisions.

Is it possible for your company to stop production due to the emergency?

Dongxin machinery: the health of employees is the most important. Since the announcement of the epidemic situation, our company, guided by the government's prevention and control measures, has investigated the household registration, residence and activity track of all employees, established a register for filing, purchased protective materials, further improved the cleaning and disinfection of canteen and work area, and actively cooperated with the government's requirements for resumption of work and production, and carried out all-round defense.

Aluminum plus network: after the epidemic, has your company established an emergency response mechanism to deal with similar incidents?

Dongxin machinery: after the epidemic, the company popularized the knowledge of epidemic prevention to enterprises and employees, and further improved everyone's health awareness. In addition, the company has established industrial accounts for food, supplies and procurement, effectively tracing the source, and also established a human resource database and a purchasing resource database.

Aluminum plus network: what are your expectations and views on the aluminum processing industry after the "baptism" of the epidemic? How to deal with it?

Dongxin machinery: this epidemic is a "reshuffle" of the industry and a time to test the enterprise's confidence. The market economy is linked to each other, and no industry can stand alone. Under the promotion of the government's policy of returning to work and production, enterprises should focus on thinking about their own way of operation. On the one hand, enterprises should carry out production management, human resources, cost control, product research and development, market demand research and so on according to their own actual situation, and formulate appropriate sales direction; on the other hand, it is hoped that industry associations can timely reflect the needs of enterprises to the government, interpret relevant policies, help enterprises connect resources and solve problems for enterprises.

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